From J.S.Bach to Michael Jackson, there are certain elements of Western music that seem to remain eternal. Those who are exemplary composers have mastered these elements through study or industrious experience. Today, fluency in the Western compositional techniques is a rarity, but the artistic and commercial needs for it are greater than ever. Whether you aspire to be a composer in residence with a major orchestra or composer for video game soundtracks, commissions are high pressure situations that can be either enriching or arduous experiences. Fluency in compositional technique can enable you to expediently produce a work of music that is of the highest caliber.



Compositional technique can be divided into two topics - counterpoint and form. Mastery in these areas prepares one for the freedom of modern music and pursuing their individual voice. The student can expect to dedicate a great deal of time to learning the methodologies of the common practice before delving into the later styles encompassing French impressionism and the contemporary scene. Composition can also be practiced as regularly and methodically as an instrument, so lessons are based on rigorous exercises and progression of assignments.


  • ​Lessons will be held via online video conferencing using Zoom. Ensure you have high quality internet service.

  • Proficiency on an instrument or in singing is required.

  • Proficiency in reading treble and bass clef is required.

  • Mastery of elementary theory concepts (intervals, scales, keys) is required.

  • The first lesson is introductory and free of charge. After evaluation, a curriculum is proposed and the decision to study is deliberated upon by the student.


Ericsson is a gifted teacher with a passion for counterpoint and form in music. He is exceptionally well organized, great with follow-through, and sets reachable goals for each student he teaches. He is a great communicator. For example, he delivers dense material regarding canons with clarity, precision, humor and imagination! He has developed a unique and imaginative pedagogy to mastering counterpoint that is pragmatic and effective - he teaches the principles of counterpoint and form systematically by creating strong foundations. Concepts are then crystalized by doing multiple timed exercise that are corrected individually until quality and stylistic accuracy is achieved. I highly recommend Ericsson as a teacher of counterpoint and form in music - I am learning so much from him!

Hannah Thomas, Student