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For Violin Quartet

Constellations is a tour de force of violin technique, capitalizing on the virtuosic technicality of the instrument. The piece exhibits intricate counterpoint combined with galant phrase structures and eclectic harmonies. Constellations was the first place winner of the 2018 Tribeca New Music Festival, where it received its live premiere.

Cyrus Beroukhim, Anna Elashvili, Emilie-Anne Gendron, Alex Shiozaki


For Mezzo and Piano

God's World is a setting of four poems by Edna St.Vincent Millay. The piece is intended to reflect the cathartic experience Millay expressed towards nature through her poetry. God's World is the result of a commission awarded by the Pankonin Committee at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The cycle went on to receive first place in the National Art Song Competition offered by the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Meghan Jolliffe, Keisuke Nakagoshi


For Capella Choir (SATB)

Cantate Domino is a macronic setting of sacred Latin text. This work was premiered by the International Orange Chorale under Zane Fiala and went on to receive first prize in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s 15th Biennial Choral Competition.


For Violin Quartet

Sam and Lilly is Hatfield's first venture into synthetics, drawing upon the framework of classical idioms to deliver a gestural and ethereal composition. Sam and Lilly received its live premiere alongside Constellations at the 2018 Tribeca New Music Festival.

Rebecca Anderson, Cyrus Beroukhim, Anna Elashvili, Alex Shiozaki


For Violin and Cello Duet

This piece was commissioned by the duet Duoskope, featuring violinist Evin Blomberg and cellist Natalie Helm. The piece draws upon the chamber works of Astor Piazolla while employing Hatfield's original system of quartal counterpoint.

Evin Blomberg, Natalie Helm


For Capella Choir (SATB)

For Ye Shall Go Out with Joy is an outward and energetic declaration of faith, mixed with a celebration of pastoral themes.

Matthew Curtis

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Hatfield's works create an impressionistic atmosphere out of which melody and gesture transport the listener into another world with agility, color and passion.

Tribeca New Music Festival

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