Signature Collection is a collection of sheet music found on Ericsson Hatfield's debut album "Signature." The booklet is printed by FullHat Publications™ on 9x12" concert size paper and bounded with a forward about the pieces and the composer.

  1. "Signature" Prelude & Fugue in a Minor
  2. Prelude & Fughetta in D Major

  3. Prelude & Fugue in b Minor

  4. “Prague Fall” Prelude & Fugue in g Minor

  5. Prelude & Fugue in b♭Minor

  6. “Charm”

  7. “Passus Duriusculus” Prelude & Fugue in a Minor

  8. “Magician” Prelude & Fughetta in e Phrygian

  9. “Wind & Rock” Prelude & Fughetta in G♭Pentatonic

Signature Collection



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